Customer Advantage Program

Presenting the Matrix Customer Advantage Program (CAP)

The Matrix Customer Advantage Program (CAP) was created to guarantee JHTA’s commitment to the highest standard of after sales product warranty and service delivery on our Matrix commercial products. 

The CAP Offered by Matrix AU Consists of Three Key Principles:

  1. An extensive on-site inventory of parts for all Matrix equipment in operation within your facility1. As part of the CAP Matrix will provide a lockable cabinet that will contain all vital service spare parts required to support your cardiovascular and strength products. The parts stock levels will be maintained by the JHTA technical services team on an ‘as used’ basis, ensuring smooth servicing every time. 
  2. Service performance level assurances, including critical target repair times for our clients. Because of the range of on-site spare parts, Matrix technicians can attend your site at short notice with the knowledge that critical components are available for immediate use on any equipment requiring attention. 
  3. Delivery of the highest standards of service from our technicians. Matrix service technicians and approved contractors are the most experienced and comprehensively trained in our industry. The knowledge and expertise of each of JHTA technical services member contributes to a more thorough and timely service repair every time.

Our CAPs delivers peace of mind by ensuring that previously intangible measures of performance, such as product lifespan and cost of ownership, can now be more specifically measured.  CAP ensures the longest possible product lifespan and lowest possible cost of ownership by maintaining and servicing your equipment to the best possible standard.
For more information on the Matrix Customer Advantage Program and its availability in your area, please contact your local sales representative.
1  ‘Equipment in operation in within your facility’ refers to any equipment covered by a current Matrix product warranty.